Corona and M&M Update


M&M Property Management is implemented safety precautions in response to the Corona Virus Pandemic on March 18th, 2020 and continues to stay in effect through October 30th, 2020.  After discussion, M&M’s partners have communicated this plan to our staff.  Please note the following operational changes: This may be extended depending on the current state, county, local and what serves in the best interest of continued safety.

  • Only employees and delivery people (i.e. USPS, FedEx, UPS, etc.) will be allowed to enter the office.
  • Residents should contact us by email, websites and through the Owner Access portal as any needs will efficiently be responded to quicker than those who contact us by phone. We will be answering the phone 8:30 to 4:30, normal business hours.
  • Please use M&M’s website,  to submit a question or resident request, no need to log in. Simply fill out your request and the request will automatically be submitted.
  • Community managers will be making normal on-site visits to their communities as well as maintaining contact with the Association vendors. Contact to residents will be on an emergency basis only.
  • Managers and Association meetings are being planned through various electronic options, please contact your manager.   If your board determines a meeting is necessary, please make sure we have proper information, especially email.
  • Maintenance and janitorial personnel will continue to provide services in accordance with their current time assignments, provided they are not ill, symptomatic or been exposed to someone with the virus as recommended by the CDC. No one is to enter any unit unless an emergency such as a leak.
  • Clubhouse and other amenities such as gyms and pools may be temporarily closed.  Decisions are made by Association Boards and our managers will be in discussion with your Board in this regard.  You will be notified as to any change of status in your community’s amenity availability. Should your community have a website, SIGN UP as notifications will go out periodically.
  • Estoppel, lease or sale applications, etc. should still be submitted via the USPS mail or overnight courier, such as FedEx or UPS.  If these items are submitted electronically, please mail the applicable check and enclose a copy of the check with the electronic submittal. Drivers license photos are required please make legible copy in color. A drop box is being installed and checked throughout the day on the outside door of M&M.
  • Items such as visitor keys, parking passes and/or resident decals will be available by appointment only.  If you have just closed on your home, please contact M&M during business hours.

We are hopeful the spread of this pandemic does not necessitate changes for an extended period however we are monitoring managerial operations; please plan accordingly.

Thank you for your understanding and know M&M Property Management is always committed to provide the utmost in services to our residents and the communities for which we serve.


Robert Miller & Brenda Moskowitz

Partners – M&M Property Management

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